Our Technologies

Gruppo Farmaimpresa is dedicated to technological innovation in the pharmaceutical field, offering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the effectiveness and excellence of products. Our expertise and experience are evident through research and development, ensuring that every phase, from the laboratory to production, benefits from our innovative solutions.

Some of our technologies allow for:

  • Enhancing bioavailability
  • Overcoming technological limits such as preserving the efficacy of ingredients sensitive to humidity, temperature, and mechanical stress.
  • Increasing the shelf life
  • Solubilizing substances that are otherwise insoluble in water
  • The controlled release technology allows for the distribution of active ingredients at the specific time and site within the organism where they are needed. Meanwhile, the targeting and delivery capability ensures an effective and targeted delivery of the substance to the target organ.

We are committed to meeting the specific needs of our customers by providing personalized solutions that contribute to the success of their business in the pharmaceutical sector.

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procap drops logo

Procaps Drops Technology

Discover how ProCaps Drops technology revolutionizes the preservation of active ingredients in droplets, protecting sensitive components and enhancing the effectiveness of formulations. ProCaps Drops preserves the shelf life of active ingredients, reducing the use of preservatives and ensuring optimal stability.
compreezer logo

Compreezer Technology

The Compreezer® technology ensures the maximum effectiveness of tablets by preserving the thermosensitive properties of pharmaceutical ingredients. Reduce degradation to obtain high-quality products.
fitomina logo

Fitomina® Technology

Explore the FITOMINA® technology, designed to enhance the effectiveness of turmeric in addressing inflammation. Thanks to its advanced formulation, curcumin is encapsulated in a lipid matrix, allowing for improved cellular absorption and greater bioavailability. Compared to traditional extracts, FITOMINA® provides up to 30 times higher oral absorption, ensuring an optimal therapeutic response with reduced dosages.
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Physio Release® Technology

The Physio Release® Technology optimizes the controlled release of active ingredients. Compressing the active ingredient with inert excipients regulates the release in terms of speed, time, and specific sites within the gastrointestinal tract.