Gruppo FarmaImpresa Products

Gruppo Farmaimpresa represents a reference for companies, looking for a manufacturing partner, that commercialize both in the Italian and international markets pharmaceutical products, offering full service support to the customers, related to every aspect of design and regulatory type.

Contract Manufacturing

We design, develop and manufacture food supplements, medical devices based on substances and dermocosmetics, offering ready-to-market finished products, meeting customer requirements.

Each stage of the production process complies with the state of the art, current regulations and the highest pharmaceutical quality standards (European Pharmacopoeia, ISO standards).

Thanks to a long and consolidated experience in the field and specialized professional skills that are constantly being updated, we can boast numerous certifications (link certification) attesting to the efficiency of our production sites.

Our versatility allows us to offer a complete service and to manufacture all types of pharmaceutical forms, from liquids to solids (link), with a growing commitment to the development of innovative technologies aimed at maximizing product efficacy.

Out Licensing

Gruppo FarmaImpresa has a wide portfolio of a ready to market products that it offers under license to Italian and international distribution companies, under pure distribution or co-marketing facilitating their commercial activities.

Our products, made through the know-how of the R&D department, are correlate of scientific studies, safety and efficacy data and complete documentations (dossier) to support registration in the territories of interest.

Gruppo FarmaImpresa's Contract Manufacturing



Medical devices (CE markings) of class I, Is, IIa, IIb and III.

Specifically: Oral, nasal, and auricular sprays; mouthwashes; resealable phialoids for inhalation use; otological and oral drops; oral solids (tablets and sachets); ovules, tablets, gels, foams, cleansers, and vaginal douches; single-dose and multi-dose eye drops; topical and trichological products and intramuscular syringes.



Production of various dosage forms such as liquids, semisolids and solids

In particular: Solutions, drops, gels and liquid emulsions; powders and granules, tablets (swallowable, orosoluble and chewable, effervescent, gastro-resistant coating, sublingual), hard capsules, soft capsules (softgel).

Packaging in different types such as bottles, blisters, sachets, pill bottles, sticks, vials (classic and with container cap), ampoules, sprays.



Functional cosmetics for the face, body, hair, intimate and oral hygiene in the form of aqueous and oily solutions, gels, shampoos, powders, sprays, emulsions (creams, pastes, sunscreen products), cleansers, mouthwashes and oral sprays (classic and under pressure).

Packaging in different type such as tubes, sachets (classic and capped), bottles (classic and airless) and jars.

Out Licensing Products

The range of products made available by the Gruppo Farmaimpresa covers the following therapeutic areas: