ProCaps Drops: Technology for Optimal Active Ingredient Preservation in Drops

ProCaps Drops technology is designed to maximize the preservation of essential ingredients in products administered in drops. This advanced system allows the dispersion of actives only at the moment of product use, ensuring optimal protection from external factors and preventing premature mixing of ingredients.

The key to its effectiveness lies in isolating sensitive actives from possible contaminations, limiting prolonged contact that could compromise their integrity. ProCaps Drops are the ideal solution to guarantee the integrity of substances such as:

  • Probiotics
  • Water-immiscible active ingredients
  • Compounds easily degradable or sensitive to temperature variations
  • Actives that do not integrate well with the general formulation

The dropper with a pipette allows for easier dosage and administration.

The effectiveness of ProCaps Drops is evident in the extension of shelf life and the preservation of substance stability, optimizing the effectiveness of the actives. This is particularly advantageous for new formulations, which would otherwise be challenging to achieve without the assistance of ProCaps Drops technology.

In conclusion, ProCaps Drops represents a breakthrough in the field of optimal preservation of actives in drops, ensuring a higher level of integrity for sensitive ingredients and opening the doors to innovative and high-quality formulations.

Are you looking for an advanced solution for active ingredient preservation? ProCaps Drops is the answer you’ve been searching for