Food Supplements

Design and Marketing of food supplements

Gruppo FarmaImpresa designs and manufactures food supplements intended to supplement the common diet and which are a concentrated source of nutrients, both mono and multi compound, in pre-dosed forms.

We specialize in the development and production of food supplements in all pharmaceutical forms, such as:

  • Tablets (swallowable, orosoluble and chewable, effervescent, gastro-resistant coated, sublingual)
  • Hard capsules
  • Soft capsules (softgels)
  • Powders and granules in sachet/stick packs
  • Oral solution in vials (syrups)
  • Oral solution in vials (classic and with container cap)
  • Oral solution in disposable vials
  • Oral spray solution
  • Oral gels and emulsions in disposable stick packs


Our productions follow good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards.

Dosage Form

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